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With concentrated beet extract, you can get high levels of betaine, nitrates and antioxidants to provide a number of supportive health benefits, including:

Helps support a healthy liver
Helps support athletic performance
Supports healthy blood vessels
Cardiovascular and heart health support
Helps support the body’s natural nitric oxide production

Vasobeet from Infowars Life is a new, beetroot-based supplement created to provide you with all the benefits of this nutrient-dense ingredient in one easy dose! With the potential that beetroot can bring you, Vasobeet is destined to be the new must have addition to your supplement routine for anyone looking to support their athletic performance.

Beetroot refers to the vegetable beets, a hardy root vegetable used for hundreds of years in natural medicine for its nitrogen based benefits. Delivering 1% of nitrogen for over 25 mg of nitrogen per serving, the heart-healthy nitrates and healthy antioxidants in each formula can support your body and mind.
            With a non-GMO, Gluten-Free formula with no sulfates or sulfites, Vasobeet is the most concentrated liquid extract of beet on the market! The liquid extract uses only water and no dangerous chemicals to provide you the naturally occurring potassium, folate, phosphorous, beta-carotene, choline, vitamin C, iron, selenium, zinc, Manganese, Vitamin K and copper available in beet extract.


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