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Superblue Silver Immune Gargle contains powerful and Safe ingredients to support your IMMUNE SYSTEM. Powered by incredible SilverSol® Technology Nano Silver, a Scientifically Proven, Patented product, and Iodine, which help keep your Thyroid healthy.

Now is the time to get serious about your well-being and prepare to make a stand in favor of you and your family's health.
SuperBlue Silver Immune Gargle will Supercharge your immune systems.
By helping to boost your immune system, you allow your body's own natural defense system to work more efficiently in maintaining its natural and healthy state. In winter seasons and beyond, it’s important to stop the spread of bad guys that are in the air.
Designed to be used everyday, just take a tea spoon amount in your mouth, swish it around and swallow.


  • Iodine (as EDDI): Iodine in a form that is safe and effective for oral use
  • Silverso®l Technology Nano Silver: The smaller is better in this case. This colloidal silver is the smallest available making it super colloidal!
  • Deionized Water: Ultra purified water for purity and extended shelf life
  • Stevia: Just a touch of naturally sweet stevia leaf
  • Peppermint Essential Oil: Naturally freshens breath and helps support the Immune System
Take SuperBlue Silver Immune Gargle every day to give your body’s immune system the upper hand.
Use it as one of your family's first lines of defense against viruses and bad bacteria.
No one can truly afford the consequences of having to miss a day of work or school due to illness.
Often times it ends up costing you more in time and money than if you had taken the simple steps to help prevent the illness.
By adding SuperBlue Silver Immune Gargle along with exercise, good nutrition, proper hygiene, and adequate sleep to your regiment you will be empowered to take on anything life throws your way.


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