Would you pay $80 for a used tissue from a sick person?

As crazy as this sounds, people are actually doing it. A company on the West Coast is selling $80 used tissues that are contaminated with the germs of sick people (cold and flu type sicknesses). The idea of the "product" is to provide an alternative to needles or pills and allow the customer to get sick on their own terms.

If you're like me you're not interested in this product because you'd rather not get sick in the first place...and the key to not getting sick is through diet, supplementation, and exercise.

Let me break it down like this:

  • Option #1: You pay $80 to receive a tissue and GET SICK
  • Option #2: You pay $90 (free shipping) to receive the #SAMBAG Complete (resistance band, exercise ball, loop bands, hip band, ab wheel, and waist trimming belt) and PREVENT GETTING SICK

If Option #2 sounds like the better to you, check out the #SAMBAG on our site and take advantage of the FREE SHIPPING.

Happy Training,
Sam Wasylyshyn

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