Dude, Where's My Car?

Ok... so not all of us are bumbling stoners like the guys from the 2000 movie Dude, Where's My Car?, but if you're like me you can sometimes forget simple things like peoples names, or where you placed common everyday items (car keys, etc.)

Good news, there hope for us. New studies show that exercise releases a hormone called Irisin that is great for overall brain health.

Irisin was discovered in 2012 and named after the Greek Goddess Iris aka God's Messenger

This is also great news for people that are suffering from dementia, Alzheimer's Disease, and other cognitive issues.

One thing that you NEED TO REMEMBER is that we are currently offering FREE SHIPPING on all 3 of our SAMBAGS

Each bag contains a bundle of exercise products that will help you get that Irisin released, helping you to better remember the simple things!

Happy Training,
Sam Wasylyshyn
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