50% of Americans suffer from this...

Ok let me start with some good news....
50% of Americans don't suffer from some form of heart or blood vessel problem.

The bad news....
50% of Americans suffer from some form of heart of blood vessel problem.

Here are some quick stats on this issue:

—Heart and blood vessel disease is linked to 1 of every 3 deaths in the United States and kills more Americans than all forms of cancer and respiratory diseases like pneumonia combined.

—Certain groups have higher rates than others; 57 percent of black women and 60 percent of black males.

—Coronary heart disease, or clogged or hardened arteries, caused 43 percent of cardiovascular deaths in the U.S., followed by stroke (17 percent), high blood pressure (10 percent) and heart failure (9 percent).

Disclaimer, I'm not a medical doctor...However I'd say a little exercise on a regular basis wouldn't hurt right?

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Happy Training,
Sam Wasylyshyn

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