40 Loop Band Exercises

Below are 40 different Loop Band exercises you can start doing today!
  1. Donkey Kicks (Targets: Glutes)
  2. Standing Hamstring Curls (Targets: Hamstrings)
  3. Diagonal Leg Raises (Targets: Glutes)
  4. Fire Hydrants (Targets: Glutes)
  5. Narrow Bridge Clams (Targets: Glutes)
  6. Single Leg Bridge Lifts (Targets: Glutes)
  7. Bended Side Leg Raises (Targets: Glutes)
  8. Bended Side Leg Raises to Kick (Targets: Glutes)
  9. Lying Side Leg Raises (Targets: Glutes)
  10. Bridge Clams (Targets: Glutes)
  11. Plank Leg Kicks (Targets: Core)
  12. Crab Walk (Targets: Glutes)
  13. Booty Kicks (Targets: Glutes)
  14. Side Leg Raises (Targets: Glutes)
  15. Plank Jumps (Targets: Core)
  16. Criss Cross (Targets: Glutes)
  17. Glute Abduction (Targets: Glutes)
  18. Single Arm Curl (Targets: Bicep)
  19. Shoulder Press (Targets: Shoulders)
  20. Tricep Push Down (Targets: Triceps)
  21. Lateral Steps (Targets: Glutes)
  22. Abductor Kicks (Targets: Glutes)
  23. Bench Incline Banded Abductions (Targets: Glutes)
  24. Bench Incline Banded Alternating Abductions (Targets: Glutes)
  25. Bench Banded Int/Ext. Hip Rotations (Targets: Glutes)
  26. Single Leg Deadlift (Targets: Hamstrings)
  27. Lying Reverse Hyper-extensions on Bench (Targets: Glutes)
  28. Squat Jumps (Targets: Quads)
  29. Criss Cross Jumps (Targets: Glutes)
  30. Static Squat Jumps (Targets: Hamstrings)
  31. Long Jumps (Targets: Quads)
  32. Side Plank Knee Pulls (Targets: Core)
  33. Renegade Row (Targets: Back)
  34. Lateral Bear Crawls (Targets: Core)
  35. Lateral Banded Shuffle (Targets: Glutes)
  36. Banded Front Kicks (Targets: Quads)
  37. Laying Banded Kick Backs (Targets: Glutes)
  38. Banded Exercise Ball Abductions (Targets: Glutes)
  39. Seated One Arm Row (Targets: Back)
  40. Kneeling One Arm Lat Pulldowns (Targets: Back)

Grab your set of Loops Bands today!

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