21 Ways to Use an Exercise Ball

1. Push Ups (Feet on Ball)
2. Plank (Feet on Ball)
3. Pikes (Feet on Ball)
4. Knee Pull In (Feet on Ball)
5. Hamstring Roll Outs (Feet on Ball)
6. Bridges (Feet on Ball)
7. Front Planks
8. Core Climber (Knees to Ball)
9. Ball Twists
10. Front Ab Roll Out
11. Side Crunches
12. Front Crunches
13. Ball Transfer V-Sit Ups
14. Exercise Ball Leg Raises
15. Wall Squats
16. Back Extension
17. Lying Reverse Hyper-extensions on Ball
18. Overhead Ball Squat
19. Standing Ball Squeeze
20. Ball Lunge
21. Reverse Extension
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