21 Resistance Band Exercises

Below are 21 different resistance band exercises you can start doing today!
  1. Resistance Band Push Ups (Targets: Chest)
  2. Reverse Band Flys (Targets: Back)
  3. Standing Curls (Targets: Biceps)
  4. Overhead Triceps Extensions (Targets: Triceps)
  5. Standing Triceps Kickbacks (Targets: Triceps)
  6. Standing Upright Rows (Targets: Shoulders)
  7. Front Squats (Targets: Quads)
  8. Standing Bent Over Rows: (Targets: Back)
  9. Standing Lat Pull Down (Targets: Back)
  10. Standing Overhead Press (Targets: Shoulders)
  11. Standing Front Raises (Targets: Shoulders)
  12. Standing Lateral Raises (Targets: Shoulders)
  13. Sitting Rows (Targets: Back)
  14. Standing Internal Shoulder Rotation - 0 Degree (Targets: Shoulders)
  15. Standing External Shoulder Rotation - 0 Degree (Targets: Shoulders)
  16. Standing Internal Shoulder Rotation - 90 Degree (Targets: Shoulders)
  17. Standing External Shoulder Rotation - 90 Degree (Targets: Shoulders)
  18. Hamstring Stretch (Targets: Hamstrings)
  19. Quad Stretch (Targets: Quads)
  20. Back Stretch (Targets: Back)
  21. Chest Stretch (Targets: Chest)

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